Evelyn Snoek is a painter best known for her colourful paint sculptures.
Building a painting by repetition, working in series, layering and the application of ordering principles, thinking in terms of texture and structure and working with stacking effects underline that distance only really disappears when something is made tangible.What you see are layers of time, space, fluidity and colour. Because all art expressions that make ideas tangible, eliminate the distance between the viewer and the work of art. That experience of unification through which we can be touched or touched literally.
The art of Evelyn Snoek has reached an apotheosis after years of experience and hard labour. The search for the essence of painting took her many years of working in many styles from works in large scale and in series with associations from landscape and chemical processes - because of a fascination for alchemy and the physical characteristics of paint, she worked in oil paint and as an graphic artist and made etchings - until the destruction and cutting up of the canvases to search for a new definition of Space and Time.
The intense way of painting and the search for meaning and content changed over time to the quest of painting itself. The medium is the message.
The pouring of paint has always been a consistency and because of the paint which became lost on the floor she started to use plastic containers in which she collected the fluid, by now, acrylic paint. Recycling of materials also became a subject. And because of the shapes and forms from the plastic containers which were sculptural by themselves, she started to use them as a mould.
As a replica for making a sculptural paint work. The works became also more minimalistic and concentrated in form and shape.
But the main focus in her work has always been the paint itself as a carrier of meaning and content. Paint, with or without all kinds of additives, can evoke all kind of sensations and aesthetic appearances. In this sense also, Black is as a colour extra significant. Colour as real part of a physical universe. Black is fascinating, it is infinite and revolutionary.