Erika Koehler


Erika Koehler is artist and diplomat. As a master in international law she started her diplomatic career in the nineties and worked at several embassies of The Netherlands abroad. She also studied at the Art Academies of Moscow and Strasbourg and became an artist parallelly. In her recent work she addresses global issues like climate change and economic conflict: 

"Her series 'Relics of the fossil economy' is a new interpretation of the 7 Deadly Sins. We are all prone to these shadows. Not in the last place because of our currently dominant belief system; the fossil economy, is tempting at first, but turns out destructive, on closer inspection. Just like the art works. By calling them relics, they are referred to as something of the past, thereby engaging the viewer to co-create the present”

Prior exhibitions: Govinda Gallery in Washington DC, Worldbank, Art Scene Dusseldorf, Stroganov Academy Moscow, Artfair WTC Den Haag.